• Ice Resurfacing (floods) are part of the program time
  • Participants may only attend classes on the day they are registered
  • TAOH reserves the right to dance or reschedule any class due to enrolment
  • TAOH reserves the right to move participants to the appropriate class for their skill level
  • Payment in full must be paid at time of registration
  • A $75 returned cheque fee (NSF) will be charged
  • There are no make up classes/appts for missed or short cancelled classes/appts
  • For all skating programs a helmet with a FULL facial protection (mask) is MANDATORY.
  • For all Off-Ice sessions: Change of clothing & gym shoes, water bottle & towel are MANDATORY.


The student(s) applicant and his/her parents/guardians agree that The Academy Of Hockey (in this agreement known as TAOH), shall not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever occurring to the participant while he/she is in attendance at TAOH programs or including while he/she is within the premises occupied by The Academy Of Hockey.

I/We acknowledge and agree that TAOH reserves the sole and exclusive right to use any photographs or videos taken during the program both on ice and off ice for advertising and/or instructional purposes, without cost or charge to TAOH.  I/We consent to photographs or videos being taken for the purposes herein.

I/We consent to his/her or my attendance on the terms of this waiver of liability or in the case of a guardian of a person under 18 years of age grant our consent to the terms of this waiver.

I/We acknowledge reading this Application and Declaration and understand the conditions contained herein and agree to abide by all terms.


Please read this Waiver of Liability (“Waiver”) carefully. By reading this Waiver, you are affecting the legal rights and liabilities of you / your child. You have carefully read the ENTIRE document, understand it, and agree with ALL of its contents. 

*IF UNDER AGE 18, THIS WAIVER MUST BE READ & ACKNOWLEDGED BY THE PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN OF THE PARTICIPANTS. Failure to sign this Waiver will result in TAOH staff refusing to allow your child to participate. 

RELEASE OF LIABILITY, WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ASSUMPTION OF ALL RISKS and INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: This is to certify that I release and agree to indemnify the Releasees from any and all liabilities incident to my involvement or participation in these programs as provided below. In consideration of myself being allowed to participate in any way, and permitted to enter and use any one of the described lands, buildings, and premises used for on-ice & off-ice hockey, and for ANY activities including, but not just limited to on-ice & off-ice hockey, on behalf of myself, my heirs, successors and assignors, DO HEREBY REMISE, RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, SAVE HARMLESS, DISCHARGE, AND FOREVER HOLD HARMLESS the Releasees, any contracted public, private, or non-profit arena or venue, sports associations, the City, town or municipality, and their directors, shareholders, officers, executors, estates, employees, volunteers, coaches, instructors, agents, and independent contractors and their heirs, successors, and assignors from any claims whatsoever arising by reason of any disease, deterioration of health, illness or injury to any person, including death, or for damage to, or loss of any of my property resulting from or arising from use of the lands and premises, from being present on the lands and premises, from participation in any program, from the use of any facilities or equipment located on the lands and premises, from acceptance of the advice of, or from the gross or willfully negligence of the city, town or municipality, arena or venue, sports associations, TAOH, employees, volunteers, coaches, instructors, agents, independent or any other persons using the lands and premises. The activities that I will be participating in will be inherently dangerous, and I will be exposed to the risk of serious injury, disability, death, and risk of damage to or loss of property. I knowingly and freely assume all risks, both known and unknown, even if arising from the negligence of the releasees or others and assume full responsibility for my participation. I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for my participation, including wearing the approved safety equipment. If, however, I observe any unusual or significant hazard during my participation, I will remove myself from participation and bring such to the attention of the nearest official immediately. I acknowledge that there may not be prompt access to medical assistance or treatment when participating in any activities, and I assume and accept any risk relating to the access to medical assistance and/or treatment. By reading this document, I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accepted the conditions of this waiver form and are waiving legal rights, including the right to sue. 

CONSENT TO USE & RELEASE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: I do hereby agree and consent to the collection and use of my personal information (including first and last name, date of birth, address, postal code, phone number, email address), and the release of my name and age, personal images, athletic results and awards, prizes received, and verbal quotes, which may be posted on the website and social media channels, or affiliated websites of TAOH, the City, town, or municipality, or sports venues, in which I participate in. I understand and agree that this information will not be sold to anyone by TAOH. I give this consent voluntarily and with the understanding that any of this information may be used in newspaper or magazine stories, posted on websites, social media channels and to verify my identity and registration with TAOH. I further consent to be contacted by email and/or phone by TAOH.

I / We in the Province of Ontario, do hereby grant permission to take part in on-ice and off-ice coaching and practices conducted by The Academy Of Hockey.  I/We understand that it is my/our responsibility to provide comprehensive health and liability insurance for my/our son or daughter while he/she is involved in these activities. I/We do hereby waive all liability to The Academy Of Hockey in the event of accident, injury, illness or death in the event of such player partaking in training and coaching provided by TAOH.